The Practice

The team at The Village Dentist, has been looking after the specialised needs of the elderly and their support staff at the Anglican Retirement Village (ARV) since 1985. Originally developed as a branch of Pennant Hills Dental Centre, recent years have seen the practice grow to become largely independent with opening hours now extended to 5 days per week.

The Village Dentist understands the complex needs of this community including poly-pharmacy, mobility issues and neurological conditions such as dementia. All practitioners are committed to providing the very best care considering each patients individual needs and requirements. Our facility offers the most modern and up-to-date setting in the retirement village sector. The surgery is designed for wheelchair access. A special hydraulic lifter is available to gently guide severely disabled or non ambulatory patients into the chair to enable dental treatment they might otherwise be denied to be undertaken.

We strongly suggest that as a new independent living resident, hostel or nursing home resident one arranges to have a dental check before or early upon arrival at the ARV. An early assessment of your dental situation followed up by regular check-ups and hygiene treatments will greatly assist in the maintenance of teeth, gums, dentures and implants.

The days of full dentures are almost gone and most new residents have some or all of their teeth. Medications, dry mouth and poor oral hygiene can create significant dental decay and breakdown in a very short time. All residents of hostel and nursing homes are considered at very high risk of developing severe decay, gum disease and mouth infections, all of which can impact on general medical health. Rational dental care means we endeavour to provide comprehensive treatment plans that take into account these complex needs and seeks to deliver appropriate oral health care for each of our patients.

Our preventative dental care programs, and computerised dental recall system will help to maintain your oral and general health. The enjoyment of one of life’s greatest pleasures – the tasting, chewing and eating of good food should be your goal. Your family can rest assured that ongoing dental care is always close at hand.

Our Team

Dr Oliver Cvekus

BBiomolSc (Hons I), BDSc (Hons I), FICOI, FPFA, FACD
General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology

Oliver is a very accomplished Dental Surgeon with a special interest in Cosmetic Rehabilitation, Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology. He graduated from Melbourne Dental School as the No. 1 graduate collecting the RACDS award, John Iliffe Scholarship for final year of BDSc, the ADAVB Prize for Top Final Year Dental Student and First Class Honours.

Since graduation, Oliver has placed high importance on continuing education in General Dentistry but especially in his chosen field of Oral Surgery, Implantology and Smile Rejuvenation. He has invested significant time in further training in these fields with specialists in top institutions around the world. Included in these locations are South America, Australia, Germany and the U.S, to name a few. After gaining a Fellowship of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, he has also completed many different courses in other aspects of dentistry to provide him with the best understanding of how Implantology is integrated into a complete oral rehabilitation for the best long term results.

Oliver believes in high quality dental treatment with a scientific basis for long term success. This lack of compromise on quality gives his patients outstanding outcomes for their treatments, confidence through communication and understanding of procedures to be undertaken.

After a 10 year stint in Melbourne, he has migrated to Sydney with his wife, Dr Tirza Harley, to enjoy the weather and lifestyle that it has to offer. In 2016, Dr Oliver embarked on ownership of Pennant Hills Dental Centre and The Village Dentist, Castle Hill. Since being at the helm, the practices have won numerous awards including the Hornsby Local Business Award, and the national HESTA Aged Care Award.

Dr Oliver has developed a comprehensive Oral Health Training Program for the nursing staff at the Anglican Retirement Village Castle Hill and is a regular author in the ‘Compendium’ discussing a variety of dental topics. Based on his contribution to dentistry in the local community he personally has been awarded a Fellowship with the Pierre Fauchard Academy in London.

Not surprisingly, when he isn’t practicing dentistry, Oliver loves the great outdoors. He has a large array of sporting interests which includes snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing and keeping fit at the gym (to name a few). We are thrilled to have him join the team and believe his skill set to be a real asset to our patients.

Dr Tirza Harley

BDS (Adel), PGDipClinOrth (UK), FPFA, FACD
Dentofacial Orthopaedics, Orthodontics, Paediatrics

After having graduated from University of Adelaide, Dr Tirza Harley moved to Jindabyne NSW to develop her skills in Emergency Dentistry and snow skiing. When the snow melted, she felt it was time for a new challenge and began work on Collins Street in Melbourne.

Throughout her time in Melbourne, Dr Harley spent many hours continuing her professional development in Orthodontics, both in Australia and internationally. While Dr Harley is not a specialist orthodontist, she is passionate about Early Intervention Orthodontics, and is continually undergoing further study to understand how she can best care for her orthodontic patients. She has been teaching clinical skills in orthodontics over the past couple of years to her colleagues. Lately she has become particularly interested in using her orthodontic knowledge and the latest technology to provide Invisalign to both her adult and teenage patients.

Dr Harley later moved across Collins Street to further extend her scope of practice to include beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry including comprehensive restorative care and Botox in order to create fresh natural looking smiles in her adult patients because, she believes, “they deserve confident smiles too!”.

In 2016, Dr Harley moved home to Sydney (much to her parents delight) with her husband Dr Oliver Cvekus to enjoy the sunshine and embark on ownership of Pennant Hills Dental Centre and The Village Dentist, Castle Hill. Since being at the helm, the practices have won numerous awards including the Hornsby Local Business Award, and the national HESTA Aged Care Award.

In addition to orthodontics Dr Harley loves generally treating young patients to ensure they have a great relationship with the dentist from the word go. She believes education and Prevention is the key to a lifetime of smiles. For this reason Dr Harley has developed a Primary Schools Oral Health Program which she presents to numerous local schools on an annual basis. Based on her contribution to dentistry in the local community she personally has been awarded a Fellowship with the Pierre Fauchard Academy in London.

Dr Harley lives locally and in her spare time Tirza is passionate about good food and loves to cook up a feast to bring her family and friends together. She also loves to hit the ski slopes and enjoy the fresh mountain air when given half the chance.

Dr Roger Lindsay

BDS (Syd)
General Dentistry

Dr Roger Lindsay (Syd. Uni. 1978) commenced practice at Pennant Hills in 1985 following an earlier career in the Royal Australian Navy and set up the modern dental complex at the Anglican Retirement Villages due to his special interest in the dental problems faced by our elderly community.

He is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is involved in a number of postgraduate societies including the Endodontic Society of NSW, the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and the Australian Society of Special Care Dentistry.

Roger is particularly interested in Crown and Bridgework, Endodontics, Periodontics, special care (geriatric) and aesthetic dentistry. He aims to provide complete routine and emergency care for all patients of the PHDC. He maintains a vigorous postgraduate education regime.

Spare time is family time and as a keen sportsman he takes great interest in all the ball sports, skiing and fishing.

Jennifer Aston

Dental Hygienist

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Newcastle in 2012, and is a member of the Dental Hygiene Association. She then went on to complete further education to support her growing love for all things dental, including an In-office Whitening for Dental Practitioners. Before Hygiene, Jennifer started Dental nursing in 2001 and during that time, completed Certificates III and IV in Dental Assisting.

Jennifer makes a positive impact on enhancing her patients’ knowledge of oral health. She’s excited to meet new people and to form relationships with patients that can last for many years, helping to make a real difference to their oral health and overall health.

What We Offer

Our aim is to provide a high quality professional service with treatment in all areas of dentistry.

  • Assessment of transport needs, mobility requirements, support staff or carers, appointment timing, premedication.
  • Patient Information – Current health summary including medications, signatory consent of guardians prior to treatment (if required) dietary plans.

In dentistry prevention is better than cure, especially in the later stages of our lives. At The Village Dentist we place great emphasis on prevention.

Independent Living, Hostel and Nursing Home residents are encouraged to utilise the services of our team early upon their arrival at the clinic.

Our sophisticated digital OPG X-Ray machine can provide an instant overall view of a patients dental condition.

The important links between poor dental health and medical conditions including stroke, heart disease, diabetes and aspirational pneumonias are increasingly being recognised.

Regular attendance at 4 or 6 monthly intervals is often the only way to minimise the significant decay and gum disease that can result from the drying effects of the mouth caused by many medications, poor oral health cleaning routines, dietary habits and general malaise.

A DCP is prepared by your dentist following a full dental assessment. This generally occurs during your course of treatment.

The aim of a DCP is to provide a simple and quick weekly oral hygiene regime and details dental care products and their regular usage that helps maintain your oral health.

The DCP can be carried out by residents or under the guidance of carers and staff.

Non-ambulatory patients can be treated at the clinic. A special lifter belt is fitted to the wheelchair prior to a dental appointment.

On arrival the wheelchair lifter gently raises the patient from the wheelchair and places them on the dental chair in the most appropriate position for treatment.

Patients requiring use of the lifter must inform the dental team prior to their first appointment.

Contact the clinic on (02) 9484 1132 or ring (02) 8820 3047 during office hours. Please note consent is not required for emergency situations if a patient’s condition necessitates early dental intervention.

Gum maintenance and care by regular professional cleaning is the basis for a healthy mouth and healthy teeth.

All aspects of dental reconstruction are covered using the most modern materials available today.

When teeth are missing or badly broken not everyone wants an extraction and dentures. In many cases crowns provide excellent protection to teeth from future breakage and improve function and aesthetics.

Installation of titanium anchors to replace single/multiple teeth or to make your loose denture click into place to allow increased comfort and better chewing function.

Root canal treatment means saving teeth without extraction. Increasingly an option for many of our patients who’ve looked after their teeth for many years.

Tooth removal and bone/gum regeneration procedures can be performed to aid in function and aesthetics of your smile.

Full or partial dentures are a cost effective way to replace teeth and improve your chewing function.