Michele Horst

Practice Manager

Michele is a dedicated practice manager with over 40 years of experience in the dental industry. She started her career as a dental assistant and then pursued her role as a practice manager in 2010. Michele loves interacting with patients and providing quality service to them over the phone and long after their appointment has finished. 

Michelle has wealth of knowledge in dental practices due to her long career in the industry and thanks to completing a Dental Assistants certificate, Certificate in Proficiency, Oral Health Education and Dental Radiography during her earlier years. She has also completed a Certificate lV in Professional Practice Manager with UNE Partnerships.

Michele has invested a lot of time and effort into her education. Throughout her career, she has also completed courses detailing infection control, managing dental practice emergencies, implant procedures and working in aged care dental facilities. 

On the weekends, Michelle adores spending time with her grandchildren, going for walks with her beloved dog Coco and doing mosaic art.