Dr Oliver Cvekus

Principal Dentist

BBiomolSc (Hons I), BDSc (Hons I), FICOI, FPFA, FACD, FIADFE

Dr Oliver Cvekus is an experienced Dental Surgeon with a speciality in Cosmetic Rehabilitation, The No. 1 graduate of Dental Implantology and Oral Surgery. He has collected the RADDS Award, the ADVAB Prize for Top Final Dental Student, First Class Honours and the John Iliffe Scholarship for his final year of BDSc. 

Since graduating, Dr Oliver has invested time in training with some of the top specialists in his field of Oral Surgery, Smile Rejuvenation and Implantology. He has undertaken this training in many international countries, including South Africa, Germany and the United States. Following the receipt of a Fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr Oliver completed various courses to help him understand how implantology integrates into complete oral rehabilitation. It’s with this understanding that he can achieve the best long-term results for his patients. 

Dr Oliver believes that there’s no compromise on quality when treating his patients. He prides himself on instilling confidence in his patients through communication and education about the procedures that he undertakes. 

After completing 10 years of dentistry and training in Melbourne, Dr Oliver moved to Sydney with his wife, Dr Tirza Harley, to open up their own dental clinics. In 2016, this dynamic duo opened up the award-winning Village Dentist and Pennant Hills Dental Centres. 

Dr Oliver is the recipient of a Fellowship with the Pierre Fauchard Academy in London thanks to his contribution to dentistry in the community. His dedication to developing an Oral Health Training Program for the Anglican Retirement Village, nursing staff and his contribution to the ‘Compendium’ to provide written knowledge on a variety of dental topics are his greatest community achievements. 

When Dr Oliver isn’t practising dentistry, you can find him enjoying snowboarding, mountain biking and surfing to enjoy the great outdoors. His commitment to helping patients achieve long-lasting smiles is one of the great contributions to the patients of The Village Dentist.