Dental Implants

Restore your ability to eat, speak, smile and laugh with confidence

Tooth loss can be traumatic for many people, having extensive effects on the way they live their lives and the appearance of their smiles. Not only can missing teeth impact your lifestyle, but they can also affect your oral health and overall health. Typically, missing teeth means a diet of softer, higher-processed foods that are less than optimal for your gut. Missing teeth can also cause localised shrinkage of your gum and jawbone, which can alter your facial shape and create a more aged appearance. 

Our compassionate team of dentists in Castle Hill believe everybody deserves excellent oral health and the opportunity to embrace life’s simple joys like eating, speaking and smiling, no matter their age. We offer several solutions for tooth loss at The Village Dentist, with our premium quality Swiss dental implants being one of the most popular. Innovative technology and dental advancements have simplified the process of getting dental implants significantly. Changing your life with this restorative dental procedure has never been easier. And at our Castle Hill dental practice, we promise to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Dental implants can be an excellent solution for adults with one or more missing teeth because of decay, age or damage. To be a suitable candidate for dental implants, a good level of overall oral health is a requirement as well as a jaw that’s dense and strong enough to stabilise the implants. This can involve having strong remaining natural teeth and healthy gums. 

If you feel your oral health isn’t optimal, don’t let it deter you from investigating dental implants as a solution to the tooth loss problems you face. Our experienced dentists can help you achieve the oral condition you require for undergoing the dental implant procedure to restore your smile. Should dental implants not be an option for you, we can offer you alternative options as part of our cosmetic and restorative dental services at our Castle Hill dentist rooms.

We’re lucky enough to have Dr Oliver Cvekus perform the dental implant procedures for our patients at The Village Dentist. Equipped with many years of unparalleled knowledge and experience, he can make the process as comfortable as possible for you, while also minimising recovery time. 

With that being said, it’s important to know that the process of getting dental implants, from start to finish, is a lengthy but extremely rewarding process. It typically involves several appointments over a course of a few months and may look something like this: 

  1. Consultation and planning: The first step of getting dental implants is an in-depth consultation during which Dr Cvekus will assess your suitability for dental implants and explain the process in thorough detail. If dental implants are for you, then the planning can begin, which involves taking x-rays and 3D scans to determine where to place the implants and considering the aesthetics of the prosthetic teeth that attach to the implants. 
  2. Implant insertion: The next key step of the process is the insertion of your dental implants into your jawbone, which is done during a minor surgical procedure and followed by a few months of recovery to allow the implants to fuse to their surroundings. During this time, your customised prosthetic teeth that attach to your implants will be designed and fabricated in our Australian dental laboratory. 
  3. Prosthetic attachment: At a point when Dr Cvekus feels confident about your dental implants’ stability, it’s then time to have your prosthetic teeth attached to them. He’ll make any final adjustments required and then your dental implant procedure is complete and your new, fully functioning and enhanced-looking smile is ready! 
  4. Implant aftercare: Dr Cvekus will let you know exactly how to look after your new dental implants. But mostly, it involves observing good dental hygiene habits and keeping up with regular dental check-ups, the same care your natural teeth require.

Don’t let tooth loss let you miss out on life’s joys.

The Village Dentist offers Swiss-made Straumann dental implants Castle Hill residents recommend.