Care of Natural Teeth

Teeth are made up of minerals including calcium. Bacteria in dental plaque (sugars and bacteria) convert sugars in our diet to acids which can dissolve the minerals out of teeth leading to decay in the teeth and tooth infections causing pain.

Good oral hygiene is extremely important to help avoid tooth decay. High fluoride toothpastes and combinations of fluoride and ACP-CPP mouses help strengthen teeth as well as reverse the affects of the acid produced by bacteria in dental plaque.

Top 4 Enemies of Good Oral Health

Dry Mouth rapidly increases the level of acids in the mouth. It’s caused by many medications, ageing and disease.
Poor brushing habits.
Intake of sugar and snacking between meals.
No oral health care plan.

Top 6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Brush morning and night- bacteria grow in number more than 30 times overnight if teeth are not brushed.
Use a high fluoride toothpaste.
Use a soft toothbrush on gums, tongue and teeth.
Use an antibacterial product after lunch.
Drink water after meals, medications, other drinks and snacks to help keep the mouth clean.
Cut down on sugar.